Based in Vienna, Austria, the string quartet ensemble LUX is dedicated primarily to the performance and promotion of contemporary chamber music. The quartet’s repertoire spans the modern classics, the compositional milestones of the second half of the 20th century and the newest of compositions.

"The strings of ensemble LUX accompany [the actors at the Schauspielhaus Wien] with
clockwork precision."
Wiener Zeitung

"The musical part of this almost three-hour long evening is outstanding.

[Especially] the splendid ensemble LUX."

"[ensemble LUX played with] extraordinary virtuosity" Bregenzer Festspiele

"One was struck by the dynamic range the quartet had been able to deploy in ACFNY’s small performance space, from thunderous outbursts in settori to the extreme pianissimos of Wally’s work. ensemble LUX's precision and control mark them as a group with a promising future." Christian B. Carey

"ensemble LUX abounds ... in the significant technical prowess of individual players. Together, they can create an indescribably large range of colors, and their intonation [makes even] dissonant and even cluster-like chords sound melodious. In addition, ensemble LUX has a great instinct to capture the essence of the composition." Opera Plus

ensemble LUX

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